Purpose of Smart Parking System:

Finding parking space has become a problem that too during the peak times. Sometimes, it kills a lot of time to find a parking space. Smart Parking system finds a solution to this. The application sends data about free and occupied parking places via web/mobile application. Sensors and microcontrollers are placed at each parking place. The user receives the live updates of the vacant places and he chooses the best one. The main idea is to create smart parking, where available parking places could be displayed on a web application.

Requirements Specification:

Hardware Requirements:


Hi All,

I am very much excited to write my first blog on what motivated me to investigate IOT.

Introduction to IOT

Internet of things is influencing our lifestyle from the way we react to the way we behave. From air conditioners, that you can control with your smart phone to smart cars providing the shortest route or your smart watch which tracks your daily activities, IOT is a giant network with connected devices. These devices gather and share data about how they are used and the environment in which they are operated. It’s all done using sensors. Sensors are…

Hi All,

In this blog, I would like to share my experience and obstacles I faced while experimenting on the weather kit. I was very eager to work on the weather kit but I received it late on Wednesday. I went through the manual which I got along with the kit and followed the guidelines from the manual like installing arduino, setting up the connections between NodeMCU and the DHT11 sensor and programming the board. Once I am done with the hardware setup and writing the software, I compiled the software. It got compiled successfully, but I couldn’t see any…

  1. IOT Research Topic Name — Remote Patient Monitoring
  2. How I chose the topic — My domain of interest to investigate IOT is healthcare and wearables. I googled to know what topics come under healthcare and wearbles and I found this url (https://www.ubuntupit.com/iot-in-healthcare-20-examples-thatll-make-you-feel-better/). The first topic seemed to be interesting and I feel this might somewhere be useful and related to today’s global pandemic.
  3. Abstract — Healthcare is a field that is rapidly developing in technology and services. A recent development in this area is remote monitoring of patients which has many advantages in a fast aging world population with increasing…

Hello EveryOne,

In this blog, I would like to share my experiences I came across while experimenting on the Weather Station kit. I followed the guidelines given in the manual that I got with the kit to setup the connections between NodeMCU and other sensors(BMP180, Light Intensity Sensor, DHT11, and OLED) and burnt the firmware to ESP8266 using ESP8266Flasher.exe. Then, I imported the library esp8266-weather-station-master.zip and opened the example WeatherStationDemo.ino and changed the values of thingspeak api_key, Wifi SSID and password, openWeatherMap api_id and location. Finally, I uploaded the file and once the upload is successful, I was not able…

Hello fellow investigators,

Recap — Sensors were not detected as I didnot solder the arduino header pins.

In this blog, I would like to share my experiences on the experiment after soldering. I received my soldering kit today and am curious to see how my experiment would go after the soldering. This time, all the sensors were getting detected(some display on the OLED finally) but the problem is with my Wifi. As stated in the previous blog that WiFi.status( ) is returning 6 which means disconnected. I could see this on the OLED always(image titled Wifi Error). …

Hi All,

In this blog, I would like to share my adventures on MQTT broker and Node-Red. I downloaded Mosquitto from https://mosquitto.org/ and installed it on my desktop. Then, I installed Node-Red using npm command as NodeJs is already installed on my laptop. Before diving into the assignment, I just wanted to recall MQTT architecture so that it would be easier to work on it.

MQTT Architecture

I was curious to know about why MQTT over other protocols? I found answer to my question from these two links(https://medium.com/@esperso/7-benefits-of-mqtt-protocol-for-iot-e463f6a97100 and https://mqtt.org/).

After setting up the installations, I tested the node-red with MQTT.


Hi All,

In this blog, I would like to share how I setup mySql database to capture the sensor data. I have watched many videos and read many articles to understand on how to integrate sensor data into database. This link(https://aliakbarfani.wordpress.com/storing-iot-data-in-mysql-and-integrating-real-time-analytics/)and the video by steve (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d8eeNROMTv0&t=313s1) helped me alot to complete the assignment. Since mySql is already installed on my laptop, I installed a node-red-node-mysql node on Node-Red and configured the node properties (host: localhost, port: 3306(mySql port)).

Then, I wired an inject node to mysql node to create a table(Temperature with columns deviceId, Temperatue and Time) in the database…

Hi Everyone,

In this post, I would like to share about how to send data from Node-Red to cloud api like thingspeak. I installed a node-red-contrib-thingspeak42 node which posts data to thingSpeak channel. It is capable of aggregating multiple messages into a single multi-filed post. Then , I created a new channel in thingSpeak.com with two fileds Temperature and Humidity and generated the write Api key. The thingSpeak node in the node-red is configured with this writeApi key.

The Node-Red Flow

Thingspeak field Charts:

Hi All,

This is a late blog actually. This is an extra credit for one of the assignments. I was not able to do it during that week and completed the week after. But I did not get the chance of writing the blog after the completion. I feel it is the time to write this blog.

I included a library <PubSubClient.h> in the aurdino code to publish and subscribe to a topic. Initially, I tried connecting to a local MQTT broker which put me in trouble. This is the reason I was not able to complete my task on…

Indraja Nutalapati

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